Instructions for Authors and Editors

This website welcomes the submission of any materials related to Critical Care Medicine and Intensive Care Medicine from HKSCCM members and non-members all over the world.

If you would like to submit an article relevant to the content of this website, you may do one of the following:

1. Submit it yourself if your are a member. Log in using your username and password (will be given to you later) and then go to "Submit an Article". Put your article under the appropriate SECTION and CATEGORY.

2. Ask you hospital editors to submit for you if you are working in one of the Hong Kong ICUs.

3. Send you file directly to the Editor-in-Chief at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you are a non-member or a non-Hong Kong ICU staff.


Sections that you may submit articles to include:

Interesting Cases Archive

Tell us about the interesting cases in your hospitals. You may present a complete case, or just an imaging. Use point forms or complete sentences.


Hospital Presentations

You may store presentations of your hospitals' Journal Clubs or Topic Presentations here to share with us. Good quality presentations are especially welcome.


Useful Resources Store

Some selected categories of hot, interesting, rare or difficult topics are here. If you know any resources related to these topics, please upload and store here to share the information with us. We will then help ourselves obtain information more quickly and know the experience of other colleagues more easily.


Express Your Opinions

Express your opinions freely here! Add comments to other people's opinions too!



Hong Kong ICUs

Coordinate with your hospital editors to share with us what is happening in your ICU.


Relax ......

Send us your jokes, quotes and old things related to the medical field, especially those of ICU. Upload yourself, or send an email to the Editor-in-Chief, Dr Shum Hoi Ping, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (ref: HKSCCM webpage - Relax) in Microsoft Word format (with separate picture files of <8 Mb) and we will upload for you.


See the existing articles under each section/category as examples about the theme. We will adopt a free policy to allow the display of most submitted articles related to the ICU community, both academic and social. Minor amendements for the sake of improving the presentation format may be made by the editors, and we we will always preserve the original style and meaning of the articles. However, use of obscene and vulgar language or photos, personal attacks, data which allow the indentification of individual patients or which may breach the Hong Kong Privicy Ordinance, or which may breach the Law of Hong Kong, are strictly prohibited. Such materials will be promptly removed once detected. If the situation is considered serious, the user may be blocked from further use of this site.



This site is built with Joomla(TM) version 1.5.8. If you want to learn more details about how Joomla works, go here.


Structure of this website

To put it simply, each MENU item on the frontpage consists of a hyperlink to a SECTION. Each SECTION contains several CATEGORIES, and each each CATEGORY contains several ARTICLES. Examples are:

MENU: Main menu, Education, Features, etc

SECTION: Home, Chairman's Message, ...., Interhospital Meetings, Interesting Cases Archives, ....

CATEGORY (e.g. under the SECTION Interhospital Meetings): 2008, 2009, 2010

ARTICLES (e.g. under the SECTION Interhospital Meetings and under the CATEGORY 2008): "Royal Disease after 1997", "A Lady with Confusion", etc

Find the suitable SECTION/CATEGORY to upload your article.


To upload an article

1. log in
2. Go to Article Manager first, choose from the pulldown list from Select Section and Select Category to which you consider your article should belong. Modify an existing article or create a new article under the correct Section and Category.
3. To add a hard return with a single line-spacing, click Shift-Enter instead of just Enter. 

N.B. If you copy and paste from somewhere, select the whole article, then click the "Paste as plain text" icon to paste your article inside the box. You may also experiment clicking the "Paste" or "Paste from word" icons (to the left of the "Paste as plain text" icon) and see which is the most appropriate for you . 


To insert a photo into the article

Do this in the administrator site:

N.B. Compress your photo to desktop resolution or <400Kb before uploading, e.g. use this freeware VSO Image Resizer, otherwise it will take long time to show up or the quality will be paradoxically worse.

1. Click Insert/Edit Image

2. Click Browse Server, then click OK

3. Choose the folder in the server you want your photo to be, then click Browe to point to the photo in your hard disc, then click Upload

4. Click onto the name of the photo you have uploaded on the server folder.

5. Choose the appropriate width. Pick 350 to fit in a single column, maximum 700, then OK.


To upload a file (e.g. powerpoint file) for people to download
1. Click Components/ninjaXplorer

2. Enter the folder "stories"

3. Enter the appropriate subfolders, then click "Upload" to upload the file to the server

4. Go back to your article and then add a link to this uploaded file on the server (see below).


To insert a link from a photo/word string to an original photo/file
1. Click on the photo or the word string. (Top of the photo must appear within the browser)
2. Click the "Insert/Edit link" icon.
3. Click Browse server and point to the file or photo to be linked.

To create a link to a website

Follow Steps 1 and 2 as above, then enter the website address and click OK.


To create a gallery of photos

To create a gallery of photos to be displayed inside your article, go to the administrator site at You need to create a gallery of photos under the component called "MorfeoShow", and then call the gallery of photo into your article for display. Follow the following steps:

components morfeocomponents morfeo


  • Go to Components
  • Click MorfeoShow/Galleries
  • Click +New to add a new gallery. Type the Title of your photo. This will be displayed during slide show.
  • Click Upload to upload photos from your computer
  • Click the Gallery Title you have created to enter another page to adjust the display of the gallery, as below.


inside morfeoinside morfeo

  • Choose you desired Gallery Format. Because of technical reasons, choose only "Classic" or "Flash Image Rotator". 
  • Go to Image rotator setting if you have chosen Flash Image Rotator under Gallery Format, or Classic Gallery Setting if you have chosen Classic under Gallery Format. Change to your desired height and width, typically 400 in width x 400 in height for a proper display on our site.


Note down the Plugn ID of the gallery that you have created, e.g. "{Morfeo 1}", "{Morfeo 2}", etc. Go back to your article

morfeo link inside articlemorfeo link inside article

  • If you want the gallery to appear in your article, just type the above Plugin ID inside your article where you want it to appear, e.g. {Morfeo 10}.

You can see an example in an article under Section: Useful resources store, Category: Compression Oxygen Therapy; Article: Compression Chamber Facility.



To insert video clips

Our server is not going to be large enough to allow upload of video clips, however, you may still do so by first uploading your video clip to YouTube first, and then embed the link into your article.


1. Upload your video clip to YouTube (follow their instructions)

2. Find the word "Embed" on the YouTube page and copy its wordings as shown below.


3. Go to your Article page where you would like to insert the video clip. Find out the "Source" icon, and then paste the "Embed" wordings from YouTube into the appropriate area in the code editor, then click "Source" again to get out. You may mark in the article with repeating words beforehand, e.g. QQQQQQQQQQQQQQ, to show up the appropriate area inside the code editor to paste the Youtube code.




In case of problems, you may

  1. Click Help
  2. Contact the website managers or the Editor-in-Chief (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)


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