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2013 Aug 16 - Dr CK Koo and Dr KM Yim spoke about Brain Death and Therapeutic Hypothermia in RTHK channel 1 精靈一點

Date: 16 Aug 2013; Time: 2-3pm;  RTHK channel 1 精靈一點

Speaker: Dr CK Koo and Dr KM Yim

Topics: Brain Death and Therapeutic Hypothermia


2012 Sep 13 - 香港電台第一台精靈一點:ICU 的分流系統、人工肺、 世界膿毒症日 (ICU Triage System, ECMO, World Sepsis Day)

Date: 13 Sep 2012; Venue: RTHK1, 精靈一點; 主持人:邵國華、張婉君
由左至右: 陳展鵬醫生,邵國華先生,梁結雄醫生,林倩雯醫生,羅建業醫生,陳恩發醫生由左至右: 陳展鵬醫生,邵國華先生,梁結雄醫生,林倩雯醫生,羅建業醫生,陳恩發醫生
Click Read More for the sound clip at RTHK and more photos.


2010 Nov 15 - 瑪麗醫院深切治療部ICU群英特輯

Date: 15 Nov 2010
Dr WM Chan and Anita (DOM, ICU, QMH) talked about ICU of Queen Mary Hospital in RTHK 1. This is the first of a total ten ICU stories to be broadcasted in the coming two weeks


2010 Oct 22 - Dr KI Law spoke about ICU in RTHK channel 1 精靈一點

Date: 22 Oct 2010; RTHK 1
Dr KI Law spoke about Hong Kong ICU in RTHK 1.


2010 May 3 - 明報: 港大破格招年輕醫生搞科研 醫學院院長:醫生不做研究 香港怪現象

3 May 2010, 明報
... 香港大學擔任醫學院院長的李心平 ... 「父母和朋輩對醫生的期望就是搵錢和買樓,難怪醫生不做研究。」他直言本地科研資助不足,強調「大學並非培養學生成搵錢的機械人」。...  連醫生都買不起一個豪宅的廚房 ...


2009 Sep - My New Stethoscope in the Intensive Care Unit

Dr. KS Tang, Intensive Care Unit, Tuen Mun Hospital, 29 Sep 2009

A Beautiful Array of Stethoscopes in ICU, Kitano Hospital (北野病院), Osaka, Japan (Photo courtesy of Dr Arthur CW Lau)
As chest physicians, it is our second nature to do complete physical examination of the chest. We are also greatly assisted by two common imaging modalities of the chest, namely chest radiography (CXR) and computerized tomography (CT) of thorax. As a chest physician working in ICU now, it appears to me that the three major tools are handicapped to various extents. It is usually quite difficult to listen to the back of ventilated patients. Furthermore, the noises of ventilators and pumps around you make percussion and detection of subtle auscultatory signs difficult if not impossible. For CXR, you can never obtain good quality erect PA films in full inspiration and good penetration. Furthermore, the turnaround time is usually in terms of hours while deteriorating ICU patients demand our decisions in minutes. CT thorax is even worse as transportation of critically ill patients to the CT suite involve substantial risk and may not be available 24 hours a day.


2009 - Sleep Habits and Susceptibility to the Common Cold

Sheldon Cohen, PhD; William J. Doyle, PhD; Cuneyt M. Alper, MD; Denise Janicki-Deverts, PhD; Ronald B. Turner, MD. Arch Intern Med. 2009;169(1):62-67.
Editor's comment: Do have enough sleep!

Background Sleep quality is thought to be an important predictor of immunity and, in turn, susceptibility to the common cold. This article examines whether sleep duration and efficiency in the weeks preceding viral exposure are associated with cold susceptibility.

Methods A total of 153 healthy men and women (age range, 21-55 years) volunteered to participate in the study. For 14 consecutive days, they reported their sleep duration and sleep efficiency (percentage of time in bed actually asleep) for the previous night and whether they felt rested. Average scores for each sleep variable were calculated over the 14-day baseline. Subsequently, participants were quarantined, administered nasal drops containing a rhinovirus, and monitored for the development of a clinical cold (infection in the presence of objective signs of illness) on the day before and for 5 days after exposure.


2009 Aug - Comparison of Registered and Published Primary Outcomes in Randomized Controlled Trials

Sylvain Mathieu, MD; Isabelle Boutron, MD, PhD; David Moher, PhD; Douglas G. Altman, DSc; Philippe Ravaud, MD, PhD. JAMA. 2009;302(9):977-984.
Context As of 2005, the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors required investigators to register their trials prior to participant enrollment as a precondition for publishing the trial's findings in member journals.

Objective To assess the proportion of registered trials with results recently published in journals with high impact factors; to compare the primary outcomes specified in trial registries with those reported in the published articles; and to determine whether primary outcome reporting bias favored significant outcomes.


2009 Sep - 国家食品药品监督管理局印发医疗器械应急审批程序

国家食品药品监督管理局 2009年08月28日 发布


2009 Sep - Perspective: Discussing Treatment Preferences With Patients Who Want "Everything"

Timothy E. Quill, MD; Robert Arnold, MD; and Anthony L. Back, MD. Annals of Internal Medicine, 1 September 2009 | Volume 151 Issue 5 | Pages 345-349
When asked about setting limits on medical treatment in the face of severe illness, patients and their families often respond that they want "everything." Clinicians should not take this request at face value, but should instead use it as the basis for a broader discussion about what "doing everything" means to the patient.



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