Refresh your memory of old stuff, and get in touch with new.

This section aims more to increase the breadth than the depth of your critical care-related knowledge. The choice of questions includes both old understandings as well as newly published findings or ideas. They are from articles presented in various journal clubs, experience from the mutual learning between colleagues, and also the personal choice of the Editor. They are meant to stimulate readers' interests, but could be partial in terms of the scientific knowledge in the areas concerned. The reader is encouraged to exercise his/her own critical appraisal and judgment before embracing all materials presented herein as widely accepted facts.

Moreover, in response to the call of the need for more humanistic approach to medical science in medical schools, the theme of the quiz on every Sunday is set on topics including history, literature, philosophy, religion, languages, civilizations, etc. It is hoped that we, as critical care physicians and intensivists, can adopt a holistic approach in treating our patients and managing the healthcare sector in our hospital and society.

Quizzes containing useful information for future reference will be moved under Useful Resources Store after 2 months. 

Readers all over the world are welcome to submit questions for display in this section. Just send your questions to the Editor-in-Chief, Dr Shum Hoi Ping, in email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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