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Chairman (2015 - Now)
Welcome to the website of the Hong Kong Society of Critical Care Medicine!
Following on the wise leadership of our past chairmen, the Hong Kong Society of Critical Care Medicine continued to prosper and serve the local ICU community.  Our Annual Scientific Meeting has become a regular activity.  Also, we are going to host a bi-annual health exhibition for the promotion of knowledge of critical illness in the general publics. 
I sincerely thank our editor-in-chief, Dr Shum Hoi-Ping, and his team.  With their relentless effort, this website continued to be a popular resource in communicating important information among ICU colleagues in Hong Kong.
The demand of health care is expected to increase in the coming years.  Our Society will continue to strive for development in skills and knowledge of intensive care for the benefit of our patients.
Most importantly, your support of our activities is paramount.
Dr Chan King Chung Kenny
Chairman, Hong Kong Society of Critical Care Medicine
Specialist in Intensive Care