The establishment of the Critical Care Medicine Foundation (CCMF) was endorsed in the Ninth Executive Council Meeting of The Hong Kong Society of Critical Care Medicine (HKSCCM) on 21 July 2009. 

Constitution of the Critical Care Medicine Foundation

1.1 The Critical Care Medicine Foundation (CCMF) is a subsidiary of the Hong Kong Society of Critical Care Medicine (HKSCCM).
1.2 The objective of the CCMF is to advance Critical Care Medicine in Hong Kong as an important specialty in its own right.
1.3 The CCMF endeavours to achieve the above objective by managing funds through the promotion of the following: 

1.3.1 To contribute funds to support activities for the exchange and dissemination of critical care medicine knowledge with local and overseas academia and healthcare institutions
1.3.2 To support activities and award scholarships which promote the acquisition of novel knowledge and skills concerning critical care medicine to qualifying individuals or organisations
1.3.3 To support financially academic research in critical care medicine
1.3.4 To promote financially activities to raise public awareness and interest in critical care medicine

2.1 The membership of the Executive Board comprises at least the following members, namely, the Council chairman, secretary, treasurer, past chairmen, and two active members nominated by the HKSCCM Council in the first new Council meeting. The immediate past chairman is the chairman of the Executive Board of the CCMF.

2.2 The Executive Board has the same tenure of office as those of the HKSCCM Council.
2.3 The Executive Board needs to manage the fund in a transparent and fair manner.
2.4 Meetings of the Executive Board shall be held concurrently during each HKSCCM Council Meeting.
2.5 Public meetings or announcement of major decisions shall be held at the discretion of the Executive Board as needed.

3.1 Amendments to the ARTICLES shall only be made during Annual General Meeting or Extraordinary General Meeting.

4.1 The CCMF welcomes donations from individuals and organisations to support the achievement of our objective through the promotion of the above activities.

Addendum about Donation to the HKSCCM (7 January 2010)
1. Please send your cheque to our Council Chairman. The cheque is to be made payable to "Hong Kong Society of Critical Care Medicine Limited”. Acknowledgment of receipt will be sent to you subsequently.
2. The Council Chairman will notify the Editor-in-Chief to post up the list of the five most generous sponsors on the frontpage of our HKSCCM website at in form of logos of 170 x 100 pixels (with embedded links allowed if so desired by the sponsors). Please supply the logo and link to the Editor-in-Chief
3. The ultimate decision of whether a logo and its embedded link is to be posted up rests upon the discretion of the Editor-in-Chief of the HKSCCM website, and the content and nature must be subject to the provisions of Hong Kong laws. 

Past contributors and sponsorship recipients: Past contributors to CCMF here