Farewell Photos of Rotation MOs
Date: 31 December 2010
From left to right: Dr Arthur CW Lau, Dr Patrick YH Wong, Dr Florence Chan, Dr Luke Leung, Dr Grace SM Lam, Dr Kenny KC Chan
Dr Ellen OM CHENG, Dr Luke KY LEUNG, Dr Florence HY CHAN and Dr Patrick YH WONG finished their rotation to our ICU. We thank them for their significant contributions. Good luck!

From left to right: Dr Arthur CW Lau, Dr Patrick YH Wong, Dr Florence Chan, Dr Luke Leung, Dr Grace SM Lam, Dr Kenny KC Chan

ICU X'mas Party
Date: 15th Dec 2010 (Wed); Venue: 彩雲軒 (鰂魚涌英皇道979號太古坊德宏大廈2樓)


Visit by Professor Niederman - Topic of Discussion: Management of Nosocomial Pneumonia with a Focus on MRSA and New Data to Guide Management
Date: 8 December 2010

Ms Christine Chan (DOM) Retirement
Date of photos: 1 December 2010

PYNEH DOCTORS’ ASSOCIATION Annual Dinner & Singing Contest
19 November 2010 (Friday), Tao Heung稻香, Heng Fa Chuen



Dr Grace SM Lam's Promotion to Associate Consultant of ICU, PYNEH - Celebration Dinner
26 Nov 2010; Venue: Golden Leaf, Conrad, Hong Kong
Photos of the event available for viewing!



The Joy of Recovery after ECMO from the Scourge of Human Swine Flu
Date: 11 November 2010
Ms Angela Koe (middle), having recovered from severe Human Swine Flu, returned to visit our ICU staff today. Without ECMO, HSI would have definitely cost her life.
Appreciation letter from Angela's family
Saturday, September 25, 2010 12:02 PM
To Dr Yan Wing Wa & all the ICU ECMO Team & Nurses,
From the bottom of our hearts, we thank all of you for doing such a wonderful job with Angela Koe Wai Fong who was infected with Influenza A. We realise that our beloved daughter/niece/sister/girlfriend/cousin had her life on a string and your Caring and Professional ICU ECMO Team saved her. After 15 days in ICU at (a private hospital) and another 24 days in PYNEH ICU, her recovery is nothing short of a miracle.

We understand that she was very critical (O2 toxicity and severe lung damage) on arrival at PYNEH on 18-8-10 and your Team did an excellent job to put her on ECMO despite being informed only at the eleventh hour. After 24 days on ECMO (2nd longest case in HK), she was weaned successfully and is now out of ICU and recovering very well.

It is Angela's and our fervent wish that it be made known that ECMO is indeed a life saver when conditions warrant its use. Although it is a relatively new method, ........ Considering that there are so many "unknown and deadly respiratory diseases" in the Asian region in recent years, it may be prudent for Governments as well as the private sector to acquire more units of this life saving ECMO machine and also train the necessary experts to use it.

...... By far PYNEH has exceeded our expectations with their professionalism, state of art equipment, in-house research and training, quality of rooms (motion sensor doors!), cleanliness, great canteen and most of all, the warmth of all the staff. Angela is also very happy and touched by the whole ICU team who visited her in the F8 private ward even though it was not their duty to do so.

Once again, our deepest appreciation to Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital especially to Dr Yan's ICU Team and nurses.

Sincerely from
Ms. Koe Lai Yin (Angela's Aunt)
on behalf of
Angela Koe Wai Fong, family and friends.

Reply from PYNEH ICU:
27 September 2010
Dear Angela & family,
Your recovery is, I agree with you, an absolute miracle! In fact, you have played a part in the development of medicine in Hong Kong; you have shown us that ECMO works even for such perilous condition like yours.

ECMO is still in its developmental stage in Hong Kong. Given your condition upon transferral to our hospital, frankly speaking, we were not 100% confident that you could pull through with this still evolving technology. No matter what, all my team members had made up their strong minds to try their very best for you. All the credits should go to them, as well as your family and friends who are whole-heartedly supporting you. We all feel so proud, and we share the felicity of your eventual recovery.

After this valuable experience on you, we are more confident that we should set out to promote ECMO for more patients with severe acute respiratory failure. It is very thoughtful of you to suggest that we should join hands for this meaningful cause. The Book Publication is going to be a significant matter of our Hong Kong Society of Critical Care Medicine, and it is one of the very important channels to let Hong Kong people know more about this modality of treatment.

May I wish you all the best and let us keep in touch.

Warmest regards,
WW Yan
On behalf of
All staff of PYNEH ICU

From left to right: Dr HP Shum, Ms Angela Koe, Dr WW Yan, Dr Arthur CW Lau

Dr Yan and Angela chatting

From left to right: Dr WW Yan, Angela, Ms LAU Lan

Visit by Dr Loretta Yam, CCE, Hong Kong East Cluster
Date: 26 October 2010


Visit by Dr CHU Kong of the Accident & Emergency Department, Conde S. Januario General Hospital, Macau
Date: 10th November 2010
From left to right: Dr WW YAN, Dr CHU Kong, Dr Arthur CW LAU 

Dr Grace SM Lam - Associate Consultant Promotion Celebration Luncheon
Date: 8th October 2010

Dr Grace Lam is promoted Associate Consultant in the ICU of PYNEH. Congratulations! 


Dr WW Yan - Consultant Advancement
Date: 5th October 2010 (Tue); Time: 19:30; Venue: Lei Garden Restaurant at Two International Finance Centre Mall, 1 Harbour View Street, Central
Dr WW Yan cordially invited us to dinner with him to celebrate his recent consultant advancement. Big congratulations to Dr Yan!

Front row, left to right: Dr Arthur CW Lau, Dr Loretta YC Yam, Dr WW Yan, Dr Anne Leung; Back row: Dr Natalie YW Leung, Dr Helen HL Wu, Dr Grace SM Lam, Dr Kenny KC Chan, Dr KW Chan, Dr HP Shum, Dr Lily LL Chang

Dr Joyce Chan's Farewell Party
Date: 20 Sep 2010
Dr Joyce Chan, Consultant Haematologist of the Department of Medicine, PYNEH, will retire after 31 Dec 2010. Her last working day in PYNEH is on 11 Oct 2010. Today morning, she gave us a lecture on "Pernicious Anaemia in Chinese", which is the topic of her MD thesis. The Department of Medicine held a farewell party for her in the afternoon. ICU doctors were invited. Most of us have been Dr Chan's students, and we all agree that she is a very nice teacher who taught us patiently. She will always on our minds, and we will miss her professional expertise and friendship. May Dr Chan's retirement life be filled with joy and laughter!

From left to right: Dr Arthur CW Lau, Dr WW Yan, Dr Joyce CW Chan, Dr Lily LL Chang, Dr HP Shum


House warming - Dr CW Lau's Home and Yatching at Sai Kung
Date: 15 August 2010

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PYNEH Doctors' Association Tug of War
Date and Venue: 5:30pm 12 Aug 2010, Venue: PYNEH Garden, 2/F
An interdepartmental tug of war was organised by the Doctors' Association of PYNEH. Guess which team won?
The joint ICU and Neurosurgery Team won! 

Farewell to Mr Frank Lee
Date: 14 July 2010
Mr Frank Man-Hon LEE, a second year student in Health Science of McMaster University of Canada, finished his 2-month attachment with our unit today from May 16 to Jul 14. He has joined our clinical and research activities of our department, and also enjoyed in our social gatherings. We thank him for his contributions to our unit, and wish him all the best in his studies and career.

From left to right: Mr Jason Law (HKU 2nd year Medical Student, Dr Patricia Che, Dr Ellen Cheng, Dr WW Yan, Mr Frank Lee, Dr Arthur CW Lau, Dr Arthur MC Kwan)

The Second Critical Care Respiratory Course (CCRC2)
Date: 29th and 30th June 2010

Farewell Dinner with Dr CHAN Kin Wai

Date: 11th June, 2010; Venue: Jasmine 八月花
, Festival Walk

Fig. The souvenir is a Parker fountain pen
Dr CHAN Kin Wai (Associate Consultant) is leaving our ICU of Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital to work in the private sector in the Hong Kong Sanatorium and Hospital. Tonight we had a very joyful farewell dinner with him at Jasmine 八月花 in Festival Walk. All the best to Dr CHAN! Click Read More to see more photos!

Front row (L to R): Dr Arthur CW Lau, Dr WW Yan, Dr KW Chan, Dr Anne Leung; Back row (L to R): Dr Howard Wong, Dr HP Shum, Dr Alfred Chan, Dr KC Chan, Dr Arthur Kwan, Dr Lily Chang, Dr Grace Lam, Dr Natalie Leung, Dr Helen Wu, Ms Candice Law

Happy moments, it's Yesterday Once More

Dr Arthur CW Lau and Dr KW Chan in front of some art display

Fourth Critical Care Nephrology Course (CCNC4)
Date: 4 and 6 May, 2010

First Critical Care Respiratory Course (CCRC1) Debriefing Dinner
Date: 16 April 2010; Venue:

Link to CCRC1 here

Link to CCRC2 here

Comprehensive Sedation Course
Date: 3 to 5 March 2010


Details of the course here