Farewell to Dr WONG Kin Shing
Date: 29 June 2009
Isaiah 55:12 - You will go out in joy and be led forth in peace; the mountains and hills will burst into song before you, and all the trees of the field will clap their hands. 

From left to right: Dr HP SHUM, Dr Arthur CW LAU, Dr WW YAN, Dr KS WONG, Dr Jackie TAM, Dr Kenny CHAN, Dr KW CHAN

Dr KS WONG will leave us for a missionary trip in Cambodia for four years. He has worked in our hospital for 16 years since 1993, latest as the Consultant and Head of our Renal Unit, Department of Medicine. Dr WONG and Dr WW YAN were classmates in the University of Hong Kong. Back in 1993 when Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital was open, Dr Wong was the first senior medical office in charge of Dr Lau Chun Wing Arthur. He is going to help set up hemodialysis service in Cambodia, and will also be involved in missionary service.  



Visit by Professor Ramsay on Sedation in ICU
Date: 5 June 2009
Professor Ramsay is the inventor of the famous Ramsay Sedation Scale. He talked to us about Sedation in ICU, especially on the use of demedetomidine. Representatives from our ICU, Accident and Emergency Department, Department of Medicine, Department of Paediatrics, etc, attended. 

From left to right: Dr Astor LEE (from Macau), Dr CHAN King Chung Kenny, Dr CHAN Kin Wai, Ms HM SO, Dr LAM Sin Man Grace, Dr YAN Wing Wa, Prof Ramsay, Dr TAM Oi Yan, Dr LEUNG Yuk Wah Natalie, Dr SHUM Hoi Ping, Dr KWAN Ming Chit Arthur, Dr YUNG Chi Yui, Dr CHU Po Ngai Alwin 

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From left to right: Prof Ramsay, Dr CHAN Kin Wai (Chairman), Dr YAN Wing Wa


Prof Ramsay giving lecture  Prof Ramsay discussing a case using the Clinical Information System (CIS)  Dr TAM Oi Yan Jackie presenting an interesting case for us about sedation



PYNEH Doctors' Association Annual Dinner
Date: 8 May 2009; Time: 19:30

Venue: 迎囍大酒樓 杏花村杏花新城204號

From left to right, back row: Dr NP WONG (Union Hospital), Dr Kenny KC CHAN, Dr Arthur CW LAU, Dr WW YAN, Dr Alfred YF CHAN (CMC), Dr KW CHAN, Dr HP SHUM; front row: Dr Helen HL WU, Dr Anne KH LEUNG (QEH), Dr Grace SM LAM, Dr Lily LL CHIANG, Dr Jackie OY Tam, Dr Natalie YW LEUNG

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{morfeo 37}


The pretty ladies, from left to right,
Top: Dr Helen HL WU, Dr Grace SM LAM, Dr Lily LL CHIANG

Bottom: Dr Natalie YW LEUNG, Dr Jackie OY TAM, Dr Anne KH LEUNG

First Pleuroscopy (Medical Thoracoscopy) in PYNEH successfully performed

Date: 24 April 2009; Venue: Room 4, C5, CEU, Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital, Hong Kong

Fig. Pleuroscopy being performed by Dr Flora MIU at the bronchoscopy suite of PYNEH, assisted by CEU nurses and witnessed by members from the Department of Medicine, Department of Surgery and Department of Intensive Care

The Division of the Respiratory and Critical Care of the Department of Medicine, PYNEH, performed the first pleuroscopy (medical thoracoscopy) in our hospital at the bronchoscopy suite. The procedure was successfully demonstrated by Dr MIU Pui Ling Flora, who has undergone pleuroscopy and interventional pulmonology training in the Singapore General Hospital under Dr LEE Pyng. The patient was an old lady who had massive right-sided malignant pleural effusion from non-small cell carcinoma. Pleuroscopy showed multiple pleural deposits, from which multiple biopsies were taken, and talc pleurodesis was done afterwards. The whole process was witnessed by the Respiratory and Critical Care Team (made up of members from both the Department of Medicine and Department of Intensive Care) and the Department of Surgery (Dr TAI Yuk Ping and Dr KK YAU).

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{morfeo 36}


 Attempted biopsy through the pleuroscope


Talc for use in pleurodesis

For more information on pleuroscopy in Hong Kong, download this article by WL Law, JWM Chan, S Lee, CK Ng, CK Lo, WK Ng, KK Ho, TYW Mok. Pleuroscopy: our initial experience in Hong Kong. June issue, 2008 from Hong Kong Medical Journal 

For more information on Interventional Pulmonology, watch this presentation about the Lahey Clinic in the US here.  

PYNEH Charity Walkathon

29 November 2008

by Dr LAU Chun Wing Arthur

PYNEH held a charity walkathon, on this exceptionally sunny morning, to commemorate the 15th year of its opening. Our ICU also joined this meaningful activity. I am old enough but proud to say that I have been working with PYNEH in the last 15 years. God bless PYNEH!

walkathon5 walkathon6
Setting out 

Destination: Lei Yue Mun Park and Holiday Village 

walkathon4 walkathon7

The Banner 

A very beautiful day

walkathon dr yam desktop resolution

With Dr Loretta Yam

For more photos, go to our PYNEH ICU unofficial homepage, and also here: http://family.webshots.com/album/569165279dDdHEo