Clinical Rounds

Clinical Ward Rounds

We hold clinical rounds using the Clinical Information System at our conference room everyday at 0830. Bedside rounds of individual patients take place from 1030 - 1130, followed by daily Grand Rounds with seniors. Evening hand-over rounds start at 1600, and before midnight, on-call doctors also perform rounds of individual patients.


 snake desktop resolution

 Testing a nerve stimulator in a patient paralysed by snake venom


Microbiology Rounds

Rounds with microbiologists take place every Tuesday.


Surgical Grand Rounds

Every Wednesday PM.

Radiology Rounds (joint round with Medical Respiratory Teams)

Every other Wednesday PM


zone 1 desktop resolution 

Anteroom of the zone 1 isolation area


Other Clinical Duties

Associate Consultant and Medical Officers with accreditations of specialist status of medical specialtis also join specialty activities of the Department of Medicine, especially those of the Medical Respiratory Team and the Renal Team, e.g. outpatient clinics, grand rounds, radiology rounds. With the Resp Team, we have close working relationship and therefore some of us also join its administrative activities like regular business meetings.

helencxr desktop resolution

Discussing how to read CXR 



Journal Clubs

Every morning 0800 - 0830. Medical officers take turn to present one journal article every day.

Topic Presentations

Every Friday 1500 - 1600, by doctors or nurses.


Business Meeting

We hold business meeting every morning among doctors, and with nurses and other staff every Thursday PM.

 dr yan and nurses desktop resolution

Discussion among staff during business meeting 


Research and Development Meeting

Two times per month. To discuss about research projects and strategic development of the department.