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Date: 30 December 2009
香港杏花村盛泰道100號杏花新城203舖 迎囍大酒樓

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Songs in our singing contest:
1) 上海灘 ----- Adi
2) 相逢何必曾相識------ Ben and Carmen Fung
3) 播音人------ Joan
4) 問誰領風騷 ------Ben and Adi
5) 跳舞街 + Monica (Medley) ------ Emily and Frankie
6) Dancing Queen------ Yu and Pui Man
7) 特別的愛給特別的你 ------- Sam

   Thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks, Monica! 誰能代替你地位

 Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way  愛你恨你,問君知否,似大江一發不收

 同是天涯淪落人,相逢何必曾相識  You can dance, you can jive, having the time of your life


 特別的愛給特別的你 喜氣洋洋

Housewarming at Dr Kenny KC Chan's New Home
Date: 19 December 2009

Dr Henry Cheung's Wedding Day
Date: 13 December 2009; Venue: 元朗山下(夏)村

Dr Henry Cheung had been a rotation MO in our PYNEH ICU and undergone respiratory medicine training in our Respiratory Team at PYNEH. He is now a Respiratory Specialist in Tung Wah Eastern Hospital. He held the wedding feast at this village which belongs to his family with the surname "Cheung". The village has a history of more than 350 years since the Ming Dynasty. 
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Charity Walkathon at PYNEH
Date: 28 November 2009

Debriefing Dinner - Critical Care Nephrology Course of Oct 2009
Date: 24 November 2009; Venue: 西苑酒家 West Villa Restaurant at Cityplaza II, Taikoo Shing

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A relaxing Sunday in SaiKung
Date: Sunday 26 July 2009

We spent a wonderful day in Sai Kung today enjoying nice seafood and a cruise on a private yacht "Favourite Moment". Dr Jackie Tam demonstrated her excellent skills at water-skiing. The weather was just exactly right for water activities, but it did rain, well, after we left at 7 pm.


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Medical thoracoscopy with a flexi-rigid pleuroscope successfully performed in the PYNEH ICU

Date: Wednesday, 15 July 2009


From left to right: Ms Christine Chan, Joe, Dr Grace SM Lam
Medical Thoracoscopy using a flexi-rigid pleuroscope was sucessfully performed for the first time in our ICU by Dr Grace SM Lam (ICU Resident Specialist), with Dr Kenny KC Chan as the anaesthetist-intensivist. Grace Lam is a Specialist in Respiratory Medicine, and our ICU is having close working and training relationship with the Division of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine of the Department of Medicine. They were assisted by our CEU nurse Joe who had gained experience at the Singapore General Hospital on this technique. We also had the honour of having Ms Christine Chan (DOM of Department of Anaesthesia and Department of Intensive Care) as the scrub nurse to make this event even more memorable. Ms Chan has been the scrub nurse of the famous surgeon Dr G. B. Ong in Queen Mary Hospital before she took up administrative position. See photos of Medical Thoracospy performed by our Resp and CCM Team of the Department of Medicine here.

Farewell to Dr CHU Po Ngai Alvin and Dr WONG Kin Wa

Date: Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Dr Chu and Dr Wong are rotating MO to our department from the Accident and Emergency Department. They have provided excellent service to our patients in the past few months and they are excellent team members. In July, Dr Wong will continue his training in the Department of Surgery and Dr Chu will return to the AED. We had a farewell lunch with them today. We wish them every success in their future career!
From left to right: Dr HP SHUM, Dr KW CHAN, Dr Arthur KWAN, Dr Jackie TAM, Dr KW WONG, Dr WW YAN, Dr Alvin CHU, Dr Grace LAM, Dr Arthur LAU, Dr Kenny CHAN



Celebration Dinner: Dr Shum Hoi Ping Promoted Associate Consultant
Date: 10th June 2009 (Wednesday); Venue: 快樂海港酒家 in Lei Yue Mun

Dr Shum Hoi Ping, previously Resident Specialist, was promoted Associate Consultant in our department on 1 May 2009. We had a very happy celebration dinner of very nice seafood with him at Lei Yue Mun, a once fishing village of Hong Kong.

From left to right, front row: Dr CHAN Kin Wai, Dr CHAN King Chung, Dr LAU Chun Wing Arthur, Dr YAN Wing Wa, Dr SHUM Hoi Ping and his wife Mei Yee; back row: Dr WONG Ngai Pang, Dr CHU Po Ngai Alwin, Dr YUNG Chi Yui, Dr TONG Chun Wai, Dr LEUNG Yuk Wah Natalie, Dr WU Hiu Lam Helen

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Lei Yue Mun Scenery {morfeo 38}

Food {morfeo 39}

People {morfeo 40}

Inside the restaurant


Farewell to Guangdong nurses


广东省卫生厅委托香港医院管理局主办, 并由香港医院管理局护理深造学院承办
7/7/2008 - 26/4/2009

廣東省衛生廳委托香港醫院管理局主辦, 並由香港醫院管理局護理深造學院承辦
7/7/2008 - 26/4/2009

Specialty Nursing Diploma Course in Geriatric & Stroke Care, Neonatal & Paediatric Intensive Care, Intensive Care & Midwifery Practice for Nurses from Guangdong Province (SNDC-GSC, SNDC-NPIC, SNDC-IC & SNDC-MidP) - 7/7/08 - 26/4/09

All ten Guangdong nurses have successfully finished 10-month training in our PYNEH ICU. While they must have learnt a lot, we have also learnt a lot from them and gained tremendously from their help and contribution. Today, we are bidding a reluctant farewell.

23 April 2009; Venue: D10 and B10 wards (ICU)

Pairs of chopsticks were given out as souvenirs by Dr YAN Wing Wa.

{morfeo 35}

15 April 2009; Venue: D10 pantry, PYNEH

Farewell Luncheon; A pair of medical scissors is given to each one as a souvenir by our Ward Manager Ms Nora Kwok.

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One-Day Seminar on Clinical Information System (CIS) in Intensive Care

Time: 8:45am to 5:00pm

Venue: HKEC Training Centre for Healthcare Management & Clinical Technology, Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital, 3 Lok Man Road, Chai Wan.

From left to right: Ms Polly NG, Ms LAU Lan, Mr James TAN, Dr WW YAN, Dr CL WATT, Dr KC CHAN, Dr Arthur MC KWAN

This One-Day Seminar on Clinical Information System (CIS) in Intensive Care was successfully held in PYNEH on 22 April 2009. There were 113 participants of a wide range of specialties from various hospitals, look here.

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Farewell to Dr LI Ying Wah Andrew and Dr YEUNG Wai Tak Alwin
Date: 30 March 2009
Venue: D10 ward conference room

Dr Li, a rotating medical officer from Ruttonjee Hospital to our PYNEH ICU in Jan to March 2009, kindly presented to us souvenirs hand-made by him. It was a towel rolled to look like different kinds of cakes, with strawberries and cherries on top! We appreciate Dr Li's contributions to our ICU, only that we discovered his artistic talent too late at the last day of his 3-month rotation! Another rotating MO from Ruttonjee Hospital within the same period was Dr YEUNG Wai Tak Alwin.

 sdc13456 mod desktop resolution

 From left to right: Dr SHUM Hoi Ping, Dr CHU Po Ngai Alvin, Dr LAU Chun Wing Arthur, Dr LI Ying Wah Andrew, Dr YAN Wing Wa, Dr TAM Oi Yan Jackie, Dr CHANG Li Li Lily, Dr CHAN Kin Wai


Occupational Safety and Health Stretching Exercise
Date: 31 March 2009

 nurses4 desktop resolution  poster desktop resolution

Work out for our health! Starting today, PYNEH ICU nurses take a moment off everyday to do some stretching exercises in the ward to relax their muscles and joints, following Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) advice of the Hospital Authority.

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The Second Critical Care Nephrology Course
Date: 2 March 2009 - 4 March 2009; Course Director: Dr YAN Wing Wa

The course has been successfully held in our department and was attended by 92 nurse participants from various Hospital Authority and private hospitals.

csc_0860 desktop resolution

From left to right, front row: Ms Candice LAW, Gambro representative, Dr CHAN King Chung Kenny, Dr YAN Wing Wa, Dr SHUM Hoi Ping, Ms SO Hang Mui, Gambro representatives; 2nd to 4th rows: participants in the course


Farewell to Dr WONG Ngai Pang
Date: 17 February 2009
Venue: Fung Lum Restaurant (楓林小館) at Tai Wai (大圍村南道 45-47號) 

img_3106 mod desktop resolution

Left to right: Front row - Dr LAU Chun Wing Arthur, Dr YAN Wing Wa, Dr WONG Ngai Pang, Dr LEUNG Kit Hung Anne; Back row - Ms Candice Law (ICU Secretary), Dr KWAN Ming Chit Arthur, Dr SHUM Hoi Ping, Dr CHAN King Chung Kenny, Dr WU Hiu Lam Helen, Dr LEUNG Yuk Wah Natalie, Dr CHAN Kin Wai
Our department had a farewell dinner with Dr WONG Ngai Pang. Dr WONG was a Specialist in Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism before receiving further training in Critical Care Medicine in the Intensive Care Unit of PYNEH. He left our unit in January 2009 to become Director of the Intensive Care Unit of Union Hospital, Shatin.

img_3107 desktop resolution

Dr YAN Wing Wa and Dr WONG Ngai Pang

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Château Lafite Rothschild 1994 

ICU Barbecue - 9 Jan 2009
Date: 9 January 2009
Venue: Lei Yue Mun Park and Holiday Village


Our department had our annual ICU BBQ in this chilly and windy night, but the fire and the warmth of our friendship was more than enough to overcome the coldness.

 img_2758 desktop resolution

From left to right: Dr CHAN King Chung Kenny (regret, half face), Dr TAM Oi Yan Jackie (new trainee), Mrs CHAN (Kenny's wife), Dr LAM Sin Man Grace, Dr Wu Hiu Lam Helen, Dr CHANG Li Li Lily (new trainee), Mr LAU Yee Sang (at the back of Helen and Lily), Ms FOK See Kee, Dr SHUM Hoi Ping, Dr LEUNG Yuk Wah Natalie, Dr CHAN Kin Wai


img_2759 desktop resolution

From left to right: Shirley and her son (leftmost) with friends of our past nurse, Mr LAU Yee Sang (at their back), Ms KWOK Nora, Ms SO Hang Mui

img_2760 desktop resolution

Guangdong nurses

img_2783 desktop resolution

From left to right: Ms FOK See Kee playing flute; Dr LAU Chun Wing Arthur playing guitar; Dr YAN Wing Wa, Dr TAM Oi Yan Jackie and Dr CHANG Li Li Lily at the background