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Medical thoracoscopy with a flexi-rigid pleuroscope successfully performed in the PYNEH ICU

Date: Wednesday, 15 July 2009


From left to right: Ms Christine Chan, Joe, Dr Grace SM Lam
Medical Thoracoscopy using a flexi-rigid pleuroscope was sucessfully performed for the first time in our ICU by Dr Grace SM Lam (ICU Resident Specialist), with Dr Kenny KC Chan as the anaesthetist-intensivist. Grace Lam is a Specialist in Respiratory Medicine, and our ICU is having close working and training relationship with the Division of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine of the Department of Medicine. They were assisted by our CEU nurse Joe who had gained experience at the Singapore General Hospital on this technique. We also had the honour of having Ms Christine Chan (DOM of Department of Anaesthesia and Department of Intensive Care) as the scrub nurse to make this event even more memorable. Ms Chan has been the scrub nurse of the famous surgeon Dr G. B. Ong in Queen Mary Hospital before she took up administrative position. See photos of Medical Thoracospy performed by our Resp and CCM Team of the Department of Medicine here.