Clinical Activities

1. Daily Ward Round and Grand Round with the Clinical Information System (CIS)

2. Daily Afternoon and Evening Hand-over Round

3. Weekly Case Presentation and Journal Club

4. Weekly Microbiology Round with Microbiologist and Pharmist

5. Orientation Tutorial

Overview & Mission


The Intensive Care Unit of the United Christian Hospital is commissioned to provide critical care service to patients who require and would as a result benefit from our care. Our Unit is located at the 1st floor of Block S of the United Christian Hospital. The ICU is a multidisciplinary unit, serving patients from various specialties including Medical and Geriatric, Surgical, Orthopaedic, Obstetric and Gynaecology, and others.

Our Mission

To provide a safe and high quality critical care service to our community.

To provide critical care medicine training to basic physician trainee and those persuiting in higher physician training to be a critical care specialist as required by the Hong Kong College of Physicians.

To provide training to nursing staff specialized in critical nursing care.

To provide a platform for multidisciplinary care and better communication between different specialities to enhance the care to our patients

To foster an open and dual directional communication between us, our patients and their families with special emphasis to their psychological needs.

Our Senior Staff





Dr. Law Kin Ip


Dr. Lee Kar Lung

Dr. Poon Yat Sing

Dr. Lam Shiu Yuen


Ms. Ng Wai Ping


Mr. Chan Wing Yau


Ms. Chung Wai Yee