2008 PWH Department Activities

Christmas Party at Dr HY So's Home
Images provided by Dr Gordon Choi

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Prince of Wales Hospital, was officially opened in 1984. Situated at Siu Lek Yuen in Shatin with around 1,200 beds and a total workforce of around 3,500, it is the regional hospital of the Eastern New Territories serving the population of Shatin, Tai Po and North District.

The ICU is a Level III multidisciplinary Unit as defined by the JFICM. It provides care for all specialties including general medical, general surgical, neurosurgical, cardio-thoracic, paediatric and burns cases.

 There are 22 operational ICU beds. The average occupancy rate is 82%. There are over 1,000 admissions annually with a mean stay of 3.5 days. Neurosurgical patients account for 20% of admissions. The mean APACHE II score is18 and the ICU mortality is about 22% (standardized mortality ratio, SMR of 0.7).

The medical team is staffed by specialists from both the Hospital Authority and The Chinese University of Hong Kong with strong emphasis on both clinical research and teaching.

For further information, please visit our website PWH ICU web and our weekly teaching timetable .

Associate Editor

Gordon Choi