Date: 18 June 2010, Venue: Lei Garden Restaurant, Elements, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

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From left to right, front row: Dr KI Law, Dr WW Yan, Dr Fanny Cheng, Dr Loretta Yam, Dr NS Tsoi, Dr WM Chan; back row: Dr CK Tong, Dr Osburga Chan, Dr PW Cheung, Dr Philip Lam, Dr KL Lee, Dr Anne Leung, Dr YS Poon, Dr KY Lai, Mr Leo Cheung, Dr CK Koo, Dr Winnie Leung, Dr CK Ching, Dr WC Lee, Dr CC Tsang, Dr KW Lam

Dr WW Yan, Dr Fanny Cheng and Dr Loretta Yam

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