The Hong Kong Society of Critical Care Medicine received sponsorship donations from time to time.

All members may apply for these sponsorships.

The sponsorship application form and the procedure for application are available here.

To ensure a fair chance for every member to receive such sponsorship, we have the following set of regulations:-

Regulations of Nomination to Attend Continuous Medical Education (CME) Activities

  1. The applicant must be a paid member of the Hong Kong Society of Critical Care Medicine (hereinafter called “the Society”) in the current membership period. The membership period of the Society is a bi-yearly interval, starting from 1st of January to 31st of December of the next calendar year. Members have to renew their membership with the society before they can apply for sponsorship nomination and not later than 6 months after the commencement of the current membership period. An administration fee of HKD 100 will be charged on top of the membership fee for payment after 6 months.

  2. One has to be a member of the Society for at least three months before he/she is eligible for CME nomination. New members, in contrast to those who renew their memberships, are excluded from this regulation. The membership application form can be downloaded here

  3. A sponsorship letter from an external sponsoring organisation must reach the Secretary of the Society at least 10 days before the coming Selection Subcommittee Meeting (the 3rd Tuesday of each month). The Selection Subcommittee consists of four members: the Society’s Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and one elected council member of the Society. A minimum of 2 members is required for the committee to convene.

  4. Upon receipt of sponsorship details from the external sponsoring organisation, the call for the application of CME sponsorship will then be displayed on the Society website ( for not shorter than 5 days. The sponsorship is open for application to all members.

  5. The Society will not accept sponsorship offers from any external organisation if the first day of the CME activity is less than 1 week away from the Selection Subcommittee Meeting day. The closing date of application is the day before the coming Selection Subcommittee Meeting. Members should make applications directly to the Secretary of the Society via email only. Application forms are available at the website of the Society. The date of application should be within the paid year of membership.

  6. At the Selection Subcommittee meeting, the most appropriate candidate will be nominated as the recipient of the sponsorship. A scoring system (see appendix) will be used to assist the selection process. The Subcommittee’s decision is final.

  7. A letter of nomination will be sent to the successful applicant and the sponsoring organisation after the Subcommittee meeting and at least 5 days before the first day of the CME activity. 

  8. A handling charge of HKD 500 will be applicable for sponsorships of CME activities outside Hong Kong SAR. For CME activities in Hong Kong or CME activities outside Hong Kong but attended locally (eg. virtual meetings), a handling charge of HKD 100 will be charged. A crossed cheque for the application fee together with the application form should be submitted. The unpaid application will be considered void. For applicants that are not selected, the cheque for the handling charge will be returned.

  9. The sponsorship should only cover the registration, travelling expenses and accommodation for attending the CME activity. The sponsorship should not be considered or perceived as excessive or too extravagant with respect to the nature and purpose of the sponsored activity concerned.

  10. Successful applicants should seek approval from the Chief of Service of his/her department and the Hospital Authority (Hospital Services Department in case of Civil servant) for acceptance of sponsorship for attending the CME activity. Each member can be nominated for at most 4 times each year, only one of which can be overseas CME activity outside the Hong Kong SAR.


Scoring System for Sponsorship Nomination 





Has not been nominated in last 2 years


Has not been nominated this year


Has been nominated this year


Has been nominated 4 times this year

Not eligible

For Meeting outside HKSAR: Has been nominated one Meeting outside HKSAR this year

Not eligible


Relevant to the Specialty / Sub-specialty of applicant



Chairman of organizing committee of the function


Chairman of Sub-committee of the function


Member of organizing committee of the function



Presenting a paper


Poster presentation



Total Score