TKOH + PYNEH 21-Nov-23
NDH + PWH 19-Sep-23
UCH + QMH 18-Jul-23
QEH + PMH 23-May-23
AHNH + CMC 21-Mar-23
KWH + TMH 17-Jan-22
RH + BH/HKSH 22-Nov-22
TKOH + PYNEH 20-Sep-22
NDH + PWH  19-Jul-22
UCH + QMH 24-May-22
QEH + PMH 18-Jan-22 
AHNH + CMC 23-Nov-21
KWH + TMH  20-Sep-21
BH/HKSH + RH 20-Jul-21
PYNEH + HKU-SZH 18-May-21
PWH + TKOH 23-Mar-21
QMH + NDH 19-Jan-21
PMH + UCH 17-Nov-20
CMC + QEH 22-Sep-20
KWH + AHNH 21-Jul-20
Canceled (due to COVID-19) 19-May-20
Canceled (due to COVID-19) 17-Mar-20
BH/GHK/HKSH + TMH 21-Jan-20
Cancelled 19-Nov-19
Union H + RH 17-Sep-19
PYNEH + HKU-SZH 23-Jul-19


PWH-TKOH 21-May-19
QMH-NDH 19-Mar-19
PMH-UCH 22-Jan-19
CMC-QEH 20-Nov-18
KWH-ANHN 11-Sep-18
RH-TMH 24-Jul-18
HKU-SZH - Union H 15-May-18
TKOH-PYNEH 26-Mar-18
NDH-PWH 16-Jan-18
UCH-QMH 21-Nov-17
QEH-PMH 19-Sep-17
AHNH-CMC 18-Jul-17
HKU-SZH-KWH 16-May-17
Union H-RH 21-Mar-17
PYNEH-TMH 16-Jan-17
PWH-TKOH 22-Nov-16
QMH-NDH 20-Sep-16
PMH-UCH 19-Jul-16
CMC-QEH 24-May-16
AHNH-HKU-SZH 22-Mar-16
RH-KWH 19-Jan-16
TMH-Union H 17-Nov-15
TKOH-PYNEH 22-Sep-15
NDH-PWH 21-Jul-15
UCH-QMH 19-May-15
QEH-PMH 24-Mar-15
KWH-CMC 20-Jan-15
RH-AHNH 18-Nov-14
HKU-SZH-Union H 23-Sep-14
TKOH-TMH 22-Jul-14
NDH-PYNEH 20-May-14
UCH-PWH 11-Mar-14
QEH-QMH 14-Jan-14
KWH-PMH 19-Nov-13
RH-CMC 17-Sep-13
AHNH-HK Sanatorium H 23-Jul-13
TKOH-TMH 21-May-13
NDH-PYNEH 12-Mar-13
UCH-PWH 22-Jan-13
QEH-QMH 13-Nov-12
KWH-PMH 18-Sep-12
Hospira-CMC 24-Jul-12
Fresenius-Union H 22-May-12
AHNH-RH 13-Mar-12
TKOH-TMH 17-Jan-12
NDH-PYNEH 22-Nov-11
UCH-PWH 20-Sep-11
QEH-QMH 19-Jul-11
KWH-PMH 24-May-11
RH-CMC 15-Mar-11
TMH-AHNH 18-Jan-11
PYNEH-TKOH 23-Nov-10
PWH-NDH 21-Sep-10
QMH-UCH 20-Jul-10
PMH-QEH 18-May-10
CMC-KWH 23-Mar-10
AHNH-Gambro 19-Jan-10
TKOH-TMH 17-Nov-09
NDH-PYNEH 22-Sep-09
QMH-UCH 21-Jul-09
QEH-Pfizer 19-May-09
KWH-PMH 17-Mar-09
AHNH-CMC 20-Jan-09
TKOH-TMH 18-Nov-08
PYNEH-NDH 22-Jul-08

(Remarks: Cycle repeats until more hospitals join in)