Scientific Committee on Vector-borne Diseases. Consensus summary on prevention and control of Zika Virus Infection. Hong Kong: Centre for Health Protection; 2016 Feb.

After reviewing the latest findings, ZVI situation, and WHO recommendations, the CHP Scientific Committee on Vector-borne Diseases recommends: 1) year-round anti-mosquito actions in Hong Kong with cross-sectoral and community participation; 2) enhanced vector surveillance; 3) male traveller returning from affected areas should abstain from sex or use condoms; 4) deferral of blood donation from travellers returning from affected areas; 5) DH should be on high alert, preparedness and response for ZVI; 6) early diagnosis and notification of ZVI; 7) in view of the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Brazil, DH should communicate regularly with tourism sector; 8) DH should closely monitor the latest ZVI situation.

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