Smetana KS, Cook AM, Bastin ML, Oyler DR.; J Crit Care. 2016 Jul 5;36:116-124.

OBJECTIVES: The aim of this review was to evaluate current literature for dosing recommendations for the use of antiepileptic medications in patients receiving renal replacement therapy (RRT).

DATA SOURCES: With the assistance of an experienced medical librarian specialized in pharmacy and toxicology, we searched MEDLINE, EMBASE, CINAHL, Web of Science, WorldCat, and Scopus through May 2016.

STUDY SELECTION AND DATA EXTRACTION: Four hundred three articles were screened for inclusion, of which 130 were identified as potentially relevant. Micromedex® DRUGDEX as well as package inserts were used to obtain known pharmacokinetic properties and dosage adjustment recommendations in RRT if known.

DATA SYNTHESIS: Data regarding antiepileptic drug use in RRT are limited and mostly consist of case reports limiting our proposed dosing recommendations. Known pharmacokinetic parameters should guide dosing, and recommendations are provided where possible.

CONCLUSION: Additional studies are necessary before specific dosing recommendations can be made for most antiepileptic drugs in critically ill patients receiving RRT, specifically with newer agents.

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