Submitted by Dr LAU Chun Wing Arthur on 26 December 2008; ICU, PYNEH, Hong Kong, Date of photos: 9 Oct 2007
This is the recompression chamber facility at the Stonecutters Island (Ngong Shuen Chau) operated by the Fire Services Department. For further information on patient management, see more photos here and our presentation here.
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Transporting a patient into the chamber with the help of firemen.

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One side of the chamber

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Top of the chamber

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Another entrance or exit

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Side of the chamber

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Items prohibited inside the chamber because of flammability during compression

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Control panel being operated by the Fire Services Department staff

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Inside of chamber

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Rack and oxygen supply

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Bed for patient

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Ventilator (Oxylog 1000) fit for use during compression inside chamber. A Wright spirometer should be used for monitoring tidal volumes during compression and decompression instead of just directly reading off from the scale of the ventilator.

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An accompanying doctor inside the chamber trying to equalize the pressure of his middle ear with the surrouding pressure during compression.