Submitted by Dr LAU Chun Wing Arthur, ICU, PYNEH, on 14 August 2009
What methods are you using in your unit for therapeutic hypothermia? Please leave your comments.

1. Cool air

2. Cooling mattress and blankets

3. Cold and wet towels +/- Ice packs

4. Cold water immersion

5. Water blankets - e.g. PlastiPad water blankets

6. Helmet

7. Special gel pads with cold water circulation - e.g. Arctic Sun technology with the Arctic Sun Energy Transfer Pads

Source: Mayo Healthcare Australia

8. Head wrap, vest, lower body blanket - e.g. Blanketrol® III total body Hyper-Hypothermia water therapy system

Source: CSZ

1. Large volume, ice-cold intravenous fluid (1500 ml to 3000 ml at 4 degrees Celsius of normal saline or Ringer's lactate)

2. Cooling catheters - e.g. CoolGard

Source: Alsius

3. Extracorporeal devices - cardiopulmonar bypass, CRRT, ECMO

4. Peritoneal, pleural or gastric lavage

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