Date: 20 March 2010

About the CESAR Study of ECMO:
Inclusion criteria: Eligible patients were aged 18—65 years with severe but potentially reversible respiratory failure, and a Murray score of 3·0 or higher, or uncompensated hypercapnoea with a pH of less than 7·20 despite optimum conventional treatment. Patients were also considered for inclusion if the Murray score was 2·5 or higher, so that trial entry could be accelerated if the patient continued to dete riorate.

Exclusion criteria: 
Patients were excluded if they had: been on high pressure (peak inspiratory pressure >30 cm H2O) or high FiO2 (>0·8) ventilation for more than 168 h (7 days); signs of intracranial bleeding; any other contraindication to limited heparinisation; or any contraindication to continuation of active treatment.

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