22nd intake of Postgraduate Diploma in Infectious Diseases (PDipID) Programme & Infectious Diseases Courses

The PDipID programme and Infectious Diseases Courses aim to provide understanding of, and practical experience in, infectious diseases management for physicians, surgeons, clinical microbiologists, other clinicians and health care workers who are actively involved in the daily management of patients suffering from infectious diseases. Special emphasis is put on infections that are major health problems locally or globally.

The PDipID programme covers the following components over a period of two year:
- Six two-days Infectious Disease Courses
- Clinical Attachment (3 Friday Infectious Diseases Rounds, Two Bedside Infectious Diseases Consultations and One Clinical Microbiology Laboratory Round & project presentation)
- A clinical and/or laboratory surveillance project
- One Literature Reviews of important topics in Infectious Diseases

Programme Entrance Requirements:

To be eligible for admission to the curriculum leading to the Postgraduate Diploma in Infectious Diseases, a candidate shall:

(a) comply with the General Regulations;

(b) comply with the Regulations for Taught Postgraduate Curricula;

(c) hold the degrees of Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery of this University, or a degree or another qualification of equivalent standard from another university or comparable institution accepted for this purpose; and

(d) satisfy the examiners in a qualifying examination, if required.


Course Fees: HK$28,000



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